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Mahnimal play Brazilian modern music, mixing amongst others: congo with electronic music, forró with rock’n roll, samba with raggamuffin, rock with reggae, psychedelia with MPB.  This taste for the unexpected is not surprising since they also take in Influences from Chico Science, Os Paralamas, Carlinhos Brown, Macaco, Chico Cesar, Skank, Otto, Cabruera to name but a few.  This utterly Brazilian fusion of pop, roots and electronica allows  Mahnimal to straddle the musical world with one foot in modernity and the other in popular culture...

Their story starts in the 90’s when they created a new rhythm that mixes the local culture with world pop music.  It was called ROCKCONGO, and grew out of the town of Vitória in the Southern Brazilian state of Espírito Santo.  Mahnimal was a band made of brothers and lifelong friends.

Band Members:

Alex Lima -Vocal & Guitar,

Ronaldo Rosman - Effects & Casaca,

Xuxinha - Drumns,

Wagner Cidreira - Bass and Percussion,

Beto Castanha - Percussion

Since then, the band has been on the road presenting their unique fusion and garnering fans, praise and awards wherever they go; including the Arranger's Prize at the National Music Festival, in Alegre, ES, (from among 360 songs, where Mahnimal unveiled, for the first time, the Rockongo to an audience of about 20 thousand people).

Only two months later, the band were finalists in “LES DECOUVERTS DE RFI” (International Radio France) which considered Mahnimal's music  to be one of the eight best works of the Latin America and the Caribbean, (out of 440 bands from the whole world), as well as being elected the EXPO 98’s Revelation Band, in Lisboa, Portugal.

On the internatonal stage, Mahnimal have performed numerous tours of Europe, including Germany, Switzerland, U.K, Portugal, Spain, France, Itály, Bélgium and Holland showing up on the biggest European summer festivals such as the MONTREUX JAZZ FESTIVAL (Suiça), LONDON CALLING (UK), SFINKS e POLE POLE FESTIVAL (Bélgium), EL GREC (Spain), EXPO 98 (Portugal), FESTIGAL (Galicia) Hammersmith Palais (UK) among others, as well as shows in night clubs and even on the street.

The group is nowadays one of the most respected bands from Espírito Santo and responsible for the inclusion of the Congo rhythm in the pop world, side by side with rock, reggae, samba, ticumbi, jongo, electronic music, MPB and pop. 

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