Worldmusic.co.uk is a website devoted to people interested in world music. Our focus is to support and promote independent labels and artists as well as consumers and live event managers .

We aim to provide useful information on World Music gigs, festivals, tours, recordings, collaborations, history, biographies, lifestyles, cultures etc as well as some alternative viewpoints (and listening-posts) in this vast world of music. We hope to write interesting, even challenging, articles that educate as well as entertain and leave you thinking. Please bear with us as we start to push this boulder uphill during the early stages - we’ll get there!

We are looking for contributors to the site on any and all aspects of world music. If you think you have something worth saying then get in touch, especially if it’s an angle not yet covered in the mainstream world music media!  Photos, videos, sounds etc - all welcome! There’s no money in this - just the opportunity to participate, have your say, set the agenda, put your point of view, open people’s mind and ears, introduce us all to new sounds and share your enthusiasm . . . And remember, what we’re about is passion, enthusiasm, positivism and ultimately a love of great music!

OK, so who are we?

My name is Glyn Phillips (Editorial Director).

Here my Historic World Music radio Shows on WORLD BEAT UK


I’m also a musician (percussion and drums) and DJ (historically it's been mostly afro-latino, but also balkan, blues/jazz, world, etc).  I’ve been drumming since 1973 and DJing since the late 80s.  I also have my own world music radio show "WorldBeatUK" on WorldMusicRadio (www.worldmusicradio.com) as well as programming that station's output.

My main personal areas of interest have traditionally been all Latin American musics (in all their infinite glories!) although I was brought up on jazz and blues by my jazz trombonist father so I hold a soft spot for African-American music forms in general.  As you'd expect from editing WorldMusic.co.uk my tastes are extremely wide, from the highly commercial and popular to the most esoteric and obscure.   My bottom line is: "Does it move me?"  If it does, then it's in!

I don’t pretend to be an expert in any area, but the day you become an expert is the day you stop learning . . . and I enjoy journeying on the World Music Oceans.

My brother and founder in this enterprise, Dylan (Managing Director), leans toward the ‘chill-out’ side of world music (including dubby Asian fusions) and other more eclectic tastes including electronic - as well as many traditional styles such as Asian, West African kora through to blues, ska/reggae, East European & Balkan, plus the traditional styles of Indian music. He is passionate about his music, his photography and his Harley, and has much experience in creating, owning and running various companies.

Hope you enjoy the site - and come back and contribute!