And the WOMEX 10 Top Label Award goes to...

Womex (the globe's leading world music tradefair) has announced its Top Label Award for 2010.  The winner of this prestigious title goes to: 

World Village / Harmonia Mundi (France/USA/UK/Spain)

The award is created as a joint project between the World Music Charts Europe (WMCE) and Womex.  The selection for the WOMEX Top Label Award is made using the charts of 47 radio broadcasters from 24 countries over the last 12 months
(from October 2009 until September 2010) and compiled by Johannes

The leading chart-topping CDs over this period were:
- Lokua Kanza: "Nkolo" 
- Lila Downs y la Mysteriosa: "En Paris – Live a FIP "
- Yasmin Levy: "Sentir" 
- Les Triaboliques: "Rivermudtwilight"
- Mayte Martin: "Al Cantar a Manuel"

The Award will be given to World Village / Harmonia Mundi at the
WOMEX Award Ceremony on Sunday, 31 October in Copenhagen, Denmark

The other top labels are:

2. Cumbancha (USA)
3. Lusafrica (France)
4. Soundway (UK)
5. Naive (France)
6. Outhere (Germany)
7. Galileo MC (Spain/Germany)
8. World Circuit (UK)
9. Asphalt Tango (Germany)
10. Six Degrees (USA) would like to congratulate all these labels, each of which has consistently released top quality music from around the world into the market and brought a lot of joy to the ears of world music lovers globally.

For the full top-20 labels - with and details of chart-topping CDs - see