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 "Wide-eared and adventurous bagpiper

If you thought bagpipes were solely confined to Scotland and Ireland, Anxo Lorenzo will prove otherwise. For not only is the instrument found throughout Europe, it's also travelled as far afield as North Africa and the Persian Gulf.

Anxo himself represents the open-eared piping faction to be found in Galicia on Spain's Atlantic coast. It's a region with close and indisputable links with the Celtic world; indeed, Anxo can name Irish music titans like The Chieftains and Lunasa among his more notable collaborators.

The plumpness of his contacts book emphasises that this is a man who isn't strictly faithful to his home territory's traditions, preferring to skip freely across borders and genres, while also perfectly at ease with extending beyond the acoustic world.

And he's an exhilarating performer, his fast fingers tracing ridiculously intricate melodies; when top gear is reached, it's impossible to fathom how a human brain can actually work that fast."
(Biography written by Nige Tassell 2010 via Womad Artists page)

"It is a difficult task to define a musician simply through the use of words and especially so when the musician is Anxo Lorenzo. An artiste who has all the qualities that enable him to touch the essence of music itself, marking it with his own personality and moulding it at his whim achieving the spectacular results on show in his new album, "Tirán".

In his universal experience as a piper, he has collaborated in many musical projects fusing the traditional sound of the pipes with a great array of styles and genres from jazz to electronic, pop, rock, or flamenco. In his hands, the pipes are unfettered and endowed with endless possibilities thanks to his genial flair.

A long list of groups and solo artistes endorse Anxo's abilities as a master piper. Founder of Spiritu 986, his collaborations include Celtas Cortos, Lúnasa, Kathryn Tickell, Michael McGoldrick, The Chieftains, Daimh, The National Jazz Orchestra, Luigi Lai, Diarmaid Moynihan, Brian Finnegan, Xarabal, Om/Off, Jaula de Grillos, Tejedor, Angus Mackenzie, Iain MacDonald, Germán Díaz, Mónica Molina, Skape, Amistades Peligrosas, Poncho k…

Now, Anxo presents his first solo album: "Tirán". Inspired by a long musical journey getting to know a thousand places and tunes shared with musicians of all nationalities. A journey that always commences and concludes in Galicia." (taken from VirtualWomex Artists page)

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