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Assembly Point are a new band (2011) formed by three already well-established players, each immersed in the folk traditions of their own countries: Portugal, Ireland and Galicia (in Spain).  They have come together to seek common ground and a route ahead.

The band were awarded the title "Best Folk Group 2011" at the Cáceres Irish Fleadh Festival in November 2011.

Luis Peixoto is a multi-instrumentalist of Portuguese stringed instruments. He has recorded with internationally renowned groups such as Stockholm Lisboa Project and Dazkarieh (‘it could appear as though it were alternative rock yet without an electric guitar in sight’ – The Star – Malaysia). Most recently, he featured on Anxo Lorenzo’s acclaimed album ‘Tirán’. In addition, he has performed in concert with prestigious folk groups such as Kepa Junkera, Flook, Galandum Galundaina, and Quadrilha.

Fernando Barroso is a self-taught guitarist and specialist of traditional stringed instruments. He has formed many renowned Galician ensembles (El rincón de Morgan, Xerfa, Xaiva, Ártabra, Quenda folk y Saldos Negativos) and has collaborated with many more (Anxo Lorenzo, Ardentía, Sete Saias, Xose Liz, Marcos Campos, Begoña Riobó, David Bellas, Abrahám Fernández, Tres Estralos, Bulla Timpánica, etc). Currently, he runs numerous courses and workshops throughout Spain while focussing on two other performance projects, Riobó and Coanhadeira.

Eoghan Neff is an internationally award-winning fiddle player and musicologist. He has recorded and toured to critical acclaim with prestigious productions such as Riverdance, The London Metropolitan Orchestra, NeffBros, and Anxo Lorenzo. His latest album, ‘Amalgamare’, is a free improvisation CD with organist and monk of Glenstal Abbey, Cyprian Love. He has recently recorded on the soundtrack of Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald’s new film, ‘The Eagle’. ‘Convulsing fiddle traces shadows where few fiddlers deign venture’ (Irish Times).

As their eponymous debut album (also called "Assembly Point") has it:

"When the tower began to crumble, a Portuguese bandolim player, a Galician bouzouki player, and an Irish fiddle player met at the Assembly Point and did not speak. But they played music."

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Management: Roi Maceda (Zouma) / Alain Vachier

Record Labels: ZOUMA RECORDS (Galicia) and VACHIER&ASOCIADOS (Portugal)

Zouma Producciones S.L.
Rúa do Paseo, 30 Of. 7 - 32003 Ourense
(+34) 988 240 248