Astor Piazzolla & Quinteto Tango Nuevo - Live In Colonia 1984

[Intuition Music]

Brilliantly capturing the essence of this true legend at this live gig recorded almost twenty years ago at the end of a 30 date european tour, they were fired up and ready for it. the band formed some 25 years before that to bring the new tango of Argentina to a wider audience as Astor says, it was viewed as 'crazy music' which people had difficulty understanding (& still did when this was recorded originally) as with so many artists worldwide who are adventurous, those in Argentina who only recognised traditional tango veiwed him as a traitor. sad isn't it that we can't just enjoy music and are not more open to listen with open ears, there's far too much good music out there to miss out on with that blinkered view, their loss. Brilliant. Graham Radley