Balkanic Eruption

06 August 2010 08:00 PM

Balkanic Eruption

Birmingham's only balkan beats knee's up is back with a vengeance.....Boom!

All the beauty and madness of Balkan Gypsy music mashed up with Tasty beats.

Dance harder!! Faster! Harder! Yeeeaah...

..There is about to be a Balkanic Eruption...and the only way to protect yourself against the hot, burning lava is to dance....

Balkanic Eruption is Birmingham's only Balkan Beats party which shakes the Brummies into mad frenzies on a monthly basis. For those of you who have never experienced the beauty and madness that is balkan gypsy music- both the traditional stuff and the tracks remixed and revamped with drum n bass, ska, punk, dub, electro and all o that- should be very excited that it's coming your way. It may well save your life...

Every month Balkanic Eruption whops out superb live music, Balkan Beats DJs, mind messing visuals and extra fun and magic. Prepare to be spinning around and around with delight! Not leaving the venue without a shiny layer of sweat over your body is highly unlikely.

Resident eruption DJs, fancy dress always welcomed.

Facebook group: Balkanic Eruption



£5 entry

Incredible music and atmosphere.