Bibi Tanga & The Selenites

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Born in Bangui, BIBI TANGA is attracted to groove in all its shapes.

Curtis Mayfield, James Brown, Sly Stone and also Fela, the TPOK Jazz of Franco in Kinshasa, the National Guinean Bembeya Jazz remain his references. All bodied in 2000 into his first album “Le vent qui souffle “ marked by his encounter with THE MALKA FAMILY and HIPI MUSIC label.

The “Yellow Gauze” album is marked by an encounter with LE PROFESSEUR INLASSABLE, another music junkie who started devoting himself to « a fundamental research », and it's been released by l'inlassable disQue.

Le Professeur Inlassable released “Leçon Numéro Un (Lesson Number One)” on ICI D’AILLEUR label in 2004, a record that displays an obvious signature in terms of musical genre blending and organic ambiences.

“Yellow Gauze” has no rules. Influenced by hip-hop as much as Gospel music, funk or jazz, this album evokes a musical kaleidoscopic vision, warm and resolutely urban.

In 2008, the duo evolved into a powerful band, the Selenites (the moon inhabitants). They recorded the album 'Dunya' to be released in France and Europe in February 2010 and in May 2010 in the USA via Nat Geo Music label.

"Rulebook-ignoring esoterica from Africa via Paris"

"When the music of Bibi Tanga wafts in your general direction, it's quite easy to visualise his record collection. You imagine there's plenty of Curtis Mayfield and Sly Stone in there, packed in alongside the albums of Fela Kuti, Franco, Gil Scott-Heron and Arrested Development. But that these inspirations are clearly discernible isn't a criticism. Sure, he jumps around all over the shop - funk, soul, hip-hop, Afrofunk - but this is no scattergun approach. Instead Bibi, born in the Central African Republic but raised in the Parisian suburbs, moulds these influences to create something both invigorating and bearing his own signature. And that his music, unleashed over the course of three albums thus far, finds a kindred spirit in Sun Ra's cosmic Afrofuturism is born out by the derivation of his band's name - The Selenites were the moon-dwelling civilisation in HG Wells' The First Men In The Moon.  (Biography by Nige Tassell 2010 - from the Womad Artists page)

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