Brasil Carnaval Various Artists (Resiste)

Described on their site thus:…“Resiste is the new Latin & World Music spin-off label from Resist Music. Resiste aims to showcase a plethora of Latin American artists not currently represented outside North America as well as present a selection of well-crafted, beautifully packaged compilation CD’s starting with the highly accessible and credible Carnaval series.”

For me it was more of the same. Class compositions from Seu Jorge, Grupo Batuque, Rappin’ Hood and Marcos Valle are amongst some of the most pleasurable moments for me over the last couple of years, and as for Marcelo D2, they have put just the right track on here folks. For those not familiar with the variety of Brasilian musics or those hardened on specific styles would gain much pleasure and knowledge from this compilation. Give it blast and have one!

Steve Williams is Editor of online jazz magazine UKVibe (