Hijaz at Union Chapel, London

28 May 2011 07:00 PM

Belgian ‘oriental jazz’ sextet Hijaz are set to play this one-off UK gig to promote their new second album “Chemsi” (released 21st February 2011).

Hijaz explore the areas where European Jazz meets Greek, Middle Eastern and North African musical modes and rhythms.

"mythical Mediterranean jazz."

Piano and oud, drumkit and darbuka, bass and ney... Hijaz make mythical Mediterranean jazz.  A plethora of traditional North African, Middle Eastern and instruments feature in their concerts such as duduk, deholla, tbila, riq, def and bendir.

Guesting on the album are Belgian Gypsy violinist, Tcha Limberger and tabla player Prabhu Edouard.

“Hijaz further deepens the dialogue … between east and west, between emotion and reason, between theme and improvisation. The title of the CD means sun, and perfectly reflects what makes these musicians tick – creating beauty and warmth. “