Independent festivals twin up

The Association of Independent Festivals has today launched a new initiative, AIF Twin Festivals: A Cultural Exchange, which partners the UK’s leading independent festivals with their counterparts abroad.

Based on the twin towns concept, festivals will be paired with likeminded and similarly structured festivals from countries from around the world. Participating festivals will help promote their twin’s festival locally, be encouraged to take part in artist exchanges and talent discussions to help co-ordinate bookings of international artists and stimulate conversations with local music authorities for investment.

As part of the initiative all festivals involved will be obliged to include links on their website to their twin’s site, include 'xxx is twinned with xxx' on flyers, marketing materials and in their PR campaigns to local media, and once their own event has sold out help market their international twin through their media channels.

In addition to this each festival will 'exchange’ a minimum of 10 pairs of tickets with their twin to be given away via competitions and promotions.

Festivals that have already been partnered under the scheme include:

Bestival, Isle Of Wight & Melt, Ferropolis, Germany
Big Session Festival, Leicester & Tønder Festival, Denmark
Field Day, London & Øya Festival, Norway
Glade Festival, Winchester & Symbiosis Gathering, California, USA
Summer Sundae Weekender, Leicester & Bergenfest, Norway
Standon Calling, Hertfordshire & Calvi On The Rocks, Corsica, France
Nozstock Festival, Herefordshire & Italia Wave Love Festival, Livorno, Italy
Eden Sessions, Cornwall & Airwaves, Reykjavík, Iceland