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Two guys: BaRbz & ShMuel! aka BarBie & Xperimentalist aka JazZ stePpa

Based between London, Berlin and Israel, Jazzsteppa express their love of dubstep and jazz in an act that mixes acoustic trombone and kitdrums with an array of digital grooves, beats and mental FX to get crowds all over the world wound up with frenetic anticipation waiting for  . . . The Drop! 

"Live dubstep with horns a-plenty"
"The name should be a clue. The 'steppa' part refers to their love of dubstep; the 'jazz' references the fact that, having originally met at a jazz festival, they never take to the stage without a decent arsenal of horns.

For this is the world of JazZstePpa, the collective dedicated to taking dubstep - the ultimate sound of solitary, bedroom-bound music-makers - out to the live arena, armed with (gasp!) real, steam-powered instruments.

This meeting of digital beats and trombones , trumpets and saxes is unlikely but deeply affecting, the brooding paranoia of the former somehow reassured by the warmth and human effort of the latter.

Oscillating between their twin homes of London and Berlin, JazZstePpa have captured the pulse and the pace of the modern European city, a soundscape every bit as mesmerizing as their absorbing live shows.

Futuristic but also fun, this is the sound of both today and tomorrow."
(Biography written by Nige Tassell 2010; Womad.org)

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Bookings (Germany and the World): booking@jazzsteppa.co.uk

Bookings (Netherlands): jeroen@alleslos.nl

Bookings (France): jb@jarringeffects.net

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Hot Flush, MG77, Studio Rockers, Jazzsteppa, Police in Helicopter.