Julaba Kunda at Kitchen Garden Café, Birmingham (19/2/12)

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 Julaba Kunda are a band that fuse West African and North European folk cultures - in particular focussing on the fiddle traditions of Gambia, Scotland and Sweden.  The two main protagonists are Juldeh Camara who is the acknowledged master of the Gambian one-string fiddle the riti (aka nyanyeru) as well as singing and playing kologo (two-stringed ancestor of the banjo) and talking drum, and Griselda Sanderson who plays the normal European fiddle as well as the Swedish key-fiddle, the nyckelharpa.  Joining them in this concert was Amadou Diagne from Senegal on backing vocals and percussion (djembe, kpanlogo and calabash).

Julaba Kunda's first album is called "Traders" on Waulk Records (2011).

The Kitchen Garden Café is situated on York Road, Kings Heath, Birmingham, UK.  The night was arranged and promoted by World Unlimited.

All photos ©Glyn Phillips

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