Katzenjammer - "A Kiss Before You Go" - Album Review

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 "highly polished album"

The all-girl outfit, Katzenjammer from Norway have recently released (May 2012) their highly polished album “A Kiss Before You Go” (Propellor Recordings).

The whole album is sung in English and comes across as an uplifting blend of pop, folk, acoustic, country, bluegrass and rhythm’n’blues with a sprinkle of balladry, whimsy, acapella and rock, and it's all laced through with a healthy dose of idiosyncratic eccentricity and sonic cabaret theatricality.

"enough singalong lyrics to keep you going all through the summer"

However, it is also all bound together with very credible pop production values, accessible melodies and enough singalong lyrics to keep you going all through this summer’s festival season (especially the tracks “Rock-Paper-Scissors” and “I Will Dance When I Walk Away”).

I must admit, I was slightly dubious as to whether or not I’d like Katzenjammer at first, since their music is far more ‘poppy’ than I’m used to writing about or even listening to, but a bit of suspended disbelief paid dividends and I’m now quite happy to recommend them.  And can I just say - absolutely love the album cover photo!

Formidable ladies, these Katz . . . !

Glyn Phillips (WorldMusic.co.uk)

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Here’s a link to their website and other contact points:

www.katzenjammer.com //

www.facebook.com/katzenjammerne //


and also to some YouTube Videos:



See the RPS video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqmbqnjbLco

Host RPS here: www.soundcloud.com/yourfriendbam/katzenjammer-rock-paper

and don’t forget you can get a Free Download of "Cherry Pie" here: