Kora Festival 2010

21 August 2010 01:00 PM




"Europe's first African Kora Festival featuring virtuoso workshops, story telling and music from the Griots. The line includes: Kadialy Kouyate, Jally Kebba Susso, Jali Burama Mbye, Seckou Keita, Diabel Cissoko, Sura Susso and Modou Cissoko as well as African percussion based Hi-Life dance band Yira Baa.

Other West African and Kora acts Include: Nana Tsiboe and Ravi


* Seckou Keita
* Kadialy Kouyate
* Nana Tsiboe
Performances will take place throughout the day both inside and outside in the grounds of the Sallis Benney Theatre with workshops running in between.
Instruments will be available for workshops which will include:

*storytelling - the traditional griot way of telling stories about life through music and song
*kora playing, including calabash drumming, the traditional kora accompaniment
*dance - run by traditional African dancers

There will also be:
* a Griot Circle 'Palaba Tree'
* exclusive viewing of the film - 'Whos World is it Anyway?', a documentary
of musicians journeying across West Africa

* two stages of live evening concerts giving the full African sound with performances by each of the Kora players, many with their accompanying musicians

Traditonal African food will be available on site (vegetarians catered for) with drinks alcoholic or otherwise, available at the bar.

There will also be stalls selling koras, African batiks, clothes and artifacts.