Mosaic - "Ludo Va Va"

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Mosaic - “Ludo Va Va”

"a beautiful album: deftly arranged, inspiringly performed"

Mosaic fuse traditional Polish songs with oriental instruments, creating “a remarkable marriage of Slavic wilderness and melancholy, oriental mystery, sounds of nature, urban chaos, the old world order and contemporary eclecticism”.

On this album, “Ludo Va Va” (which translates as ‘folk-ish’), the five musicians play a bewildering combination of medieval fiddles, swedish and galician bagpipes, dulcimer, oud, mandola, flutes, ney, recorders, duduk, tampura, udu, darbuka, tombak, foot bass, frame drums and hurdy gurdy as well as wonderful vocals.

It really is a beautiful album; well thought out, deftly arranged, inspiringly performed. Very much recommended.

Management: Maciej Szajkowski,

Glyn Phillips