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 Musa M'Boob was born in The Gambia and is a professional performer of percussion, singing and dancing.  His father is the percussionist Doudou M'Boob and they come from six generations of performers.  

In 1990 Musa joined the band Ifong Bondi and toured throughout Europe.  After the band split up he moved to England and worked on many solo and band projects.

His latest project is his band XamXam which incorporates both Gambian and British musicians.

They have released two albums: "HamHam" and 2010's "Haral (Let Me Tell You)" - currently (Oct 2010) available via Sterns only.

XamXam (according to their website) are:

Musa Mboob - Vocals, African percussion, Talking Drum, Sabar
Ousman Beyai - Guitar
Matthew Gest - Keyboards
Jim Mortimore - Bass
Essa Ngaiga - Drums
Bamba M'Boob - Percussion

The "Haral" album has a slightly different core line-up and a much extended guest list of musicians.

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