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 "While listening to Myrddin I hear much more than only guitar. I get sucked in, enticed on his quest, as he wants me to participate. Just like in theatre, the curtain is drawn to the side, the lights go on, silence sets in and you feel like everything is possible. Wonderful, unexplainable things are about to happen. I hear Myrddin and get carried away in his seeking meditation that suggests anonymity and witnesses a deep lyrical experience". (Wannes Van de Velde)

Myrddin is the youngest son of famous Belgian multi-instrumentalist Koen De Cauter. Under the wings of his father he learned, at a young age, to play the clarinet (mainly jazz and Gipsy style). At age fourteen he discovered flamenco guitar and was bitten by the richness and originality of this musical culture. After learning the fundaments from his father he went to Spain to take master-classes by some of the greatest names of flamenco: Manolo Sanlucar, Gerardo Nuñez, Rafaël Riqueni, Enrique De Melchor

Through the years Myrddin mastered a phenomenal technical virtuosity but his first concern has always been the depth of his music. After beginning as a solo artist he released his first cd Imre (2000, Culture Records) and became a household name in the flamenco world of Belgium.

In 2005 his second album Novar (Munich Records) was released which showed a richer sound thanks to contributions of singers Wannes Van de Velde and José Ligero, percussionist José Toral and the piano of Vigdis De Cauter. Since then he's also been arranging a lot and he's making name as a composer of contemporary classical music with already some big projects under his name.

In September 2009 Myrddin released his third album Lucía Nieve on Zephyrus Records (distribution in the Benelux by Music & Words). Myrddin sets off on his quest to conquer the world with his unique interpretation of flamenco.

During live concorts Myrddin plays solo and in different formations with vocals (Sevillian born José Ligero), percussion, drums, double bass, piano.

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