Natasha Atlas - 'Mishmaoul'

[Manteca MNTCD1038]

This release sees Natasha bring the influence of her roots more to the fore but of course all those diverse influences are still floating around in there as well playing foil to that commanding yet evocative voice.

Ten tracks in all with 6 produced by long time collaborators Temple Of Sound and 3 tracks featuring the gorgeous strings of the Golden Sounds Studio Orchestra of Cairo. There's a lot going on here & it's all good, listen to the building wildness of 'Hayati Inta' where oud (Yazid Fentazi) trades off with grungy guitar from Count Dubullah all wrapped up in great vocals, contrast this with 'Yariet' a beautiful striiped bear song with just Natasha's vocals set against Marc Eagleton's guitar. Superb. Graham Radley