Poetz 4 Peace (Haji Mike & Zeki Ali) - A Pair Of Olive Leaves

[Olive Tree Music]


Poetz4Peace might initially sound a somewhat dated name bit it's simply what they are, a small group of writers and musicians using their art to overcome cultural and political divide within Cyprus' and healing the way to reunification.

Based in Nicosia, Olive Tree Music is a newly formed record label behind this first ever project of its type linking both communities and funded by the United Nations. The aim is to bring the people of the divided nation of Cyprus together by providing a structure in which artists from both Cyprus and northern Cyprus can work freely together to heal years of pain.

Poetz 4 Peace combines the talents of Haji Mike (a Greek Cypriot poet and MC), Zeki Ali (a Turkish Cypriot poet), Mike Minas (an English Cypriot bouzouki master), Mike Cherry (keyboards) and Steffen Franz aka Standout Out Selector (a Northern California based producer. Musically there¹s alot going on with hip -hop layered with bouzouki and reggae laced with beatz all with a vibe and all providing a perfect mix to spread the word. Excellent. Graham Radley