Va Fan Fahre release new album

 Flemish 'world brass' band Va Fan Fahre who mix balkan gipsy brass with jazz, funk, ska, arabic, indian and north african influences are set to release their new album next month (25th September) at the Tempo Color Festival in Lieges, Belgium. (

The album features:
- Songs with Moroccan singer Aïsha Haskal
- Lyrics of Egyptian poet Abdel Hamid Moustafa Farag, especially written for the album
- Some killer instrumentals
- Pictures from Wim Piqueur

In relation to their second album Zet  Je Maar (2007) Charlie Gillet wrote that "Va Fan Fahre, whose album’s title track features a female singer from Morocco, Aïcha Haskal ... sounds as if they recorded everything in one go, and the unusual combination is very effective."

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