"Womad Radio" Now Live - Great World Music

Just found that you can listen to Radio Womad live via shoutcast radio for those of you unable to get to Charlton Park Womad 2010 in person, just click straight through via


Or for those of you already there or due there on friday Tune in to Radio WOMAD on 87.7FM, the Charlton Park audience can listen to the sounds of Radio WOMAD - the festival's very own station, which will be broadcasting within 20 miles of the festival site from midday on Wednesday 23 July and continuing around the clock until Monday 28 July.

There'll be plenty of music, exclusive interviews and live sessions with festival performers, competitions, reviews and thoughts from the audience, plus important updates about the festival site and programme; so don't forget to bring along a FM radio and tune in to 87.7FM!

Just spotted this snippet on theWOMAD Forum (www.womad.org/forums/thread/Qm-esdJ4Sb3eWjq9D30. )

"We're keeping an eye on the different places you can get in touch with us,



text us on 07967 510063

or phone the studio on 01666 801001

Keep listening and send Radio Womad your shout outs and requests!.