Womad - there's going to be sun (says Farmer Robin!)

Yep, it's official! Charlton Park's farm manager, Farmer Robin, is expecting sunshine for this year's 30th Womad Festival.   The organisers say he has a surprising gift for perfect weather predictions and often head to him with requests for what the weather might be doing. This time Farmer Robin has stuck his finger in the air, twiddled some hay, gazed at the sky and said...  "Yep, hot n sunny" (Well he's a farmer and not one for long sentences.)

The roads and infrastructure put into place by WOMAD over the previous years are apparently working a treat and the arena is looking healthy too.  So it's all go for next weekend and it's gearing up to be one to remember.  For full details go to: www.womad.co.uk

In other news there are a few changes to the WOMAD Lineup: 

Gurrumul has been replaced by Cornershop - Siam Tent, Saturday 6-7pm

Ben l'Oncle Soul has been replaced by Ska Cubano - Siam Tent, Saturday 8.15-9.30pm

Spoek Mathambo's replacement Dub FX - Big Red Tent, Saturday 5-6pm

To keep up to date with any further changes over the festival weekend join the Womad Facebook page (www.facebook.com/womadcharltonpark) or follow on twitter (twitter.com/WOMADCHARLTONPK), check out the news section on www.womad.co.uk, listen to Radio WOMAD 87.7FM or look at the info boards situated by the arena entrances.