WorldBeatUK - Playlist for 2nd Night of World Music

The second live show of World Beat UK, (presented by's editor, Glyn Phillips), was broadcast online on Rhubarb Radio ( on the 7th March 2011.

Here is the whole playlist from the show:


2. Moliendo Cafe - Orch Int du Vetex (Flamoek Fantasy)

3. t’Vertellement - Saf (Saf)

4. Le Jour D’Apres - Balojji (Kinshasa Succursale)

5. Santiago - Phil Beer & Alianza (Phil Beer Box Set One)

6. El Chontaduro - Nancy Murillo (Tia Yova)

7. Sidi Bou Said - Hijaz (Chemsi)

8. Fado Tropical - Fado em Si Bemol (Fado em Si Bemol)

9. Oblivión - Sexteto Mayor (Vida, Pasion y Tango)

10. Ai Ga Bani - Ali Farka Touré (2006 BBC Radio 3 Awards for World Music(

11. Uthekwane - Ladysmith Black Mambazo (Songs from a Zulu Farm)

12. Bach Goes Baile Funk - Ophex

13. El Toche y La Cotorra - Sexteto Tabalá (Con Un Solo Pie)

14. Cumbia del Cambio - Batucada Sound Machine

15. El Choclo - Fabricio Gatta


17. Celta 1 - Trilhos (Avariação)

18. Mashki - Va Fan Fahre (Zet Je Maar)

19. Celick Comak* - Gevende [* this track will now be played next show instead]

20. Abdulcanbaz - Baba Zula 

21. One More Dance - Carvalho 

22. Ghost In The Rain - Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra (World of Funk)

23. Sepiterna - Petrona Martinez {Thornato rmx}

24. Canción de las Simples Cosas - El Sur (Música Con Fundamento)

25. Living Stone - Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars (Rise and Shine)

26. Aidara - Maciré Sylla (Talitha)

27. Lucky Man - Courtney John (Made In Jamaica)

28. Don’t Worry, Be Happy - Bobby McFerrin, Cobra, Beanie Man

Extra Notes:

A) As promised on Glyn's WorldBeatUK show, here is the link to a YouTube video of the 4th track on the show by Balojji , playing a song called "Le Jour D'Apres" ("Independance Cha Cha"):

B) A link to the 20th track on the show by a brilliant band called Baba Zula from Turkey: the track Glyn played was "Abdulcanbaz". This is on the Doublemoon Label,

C) Also a link to the the video for "Lucky Man" (the 27th track), a beautiful piece of 'Lovers Rock' music by Courtney John from the "Made In Jamaica" album

Hope you enjoy.