WorldBeatUK 35 (WBUK35) - PLAYLIST

 WBUK35 - Playlist

1 "Intro-Mat" (1:47) by Matchatcha from “Nyekesse” (Melodie)

2 "Bad To The Bone" (4:50) by George Thorogood from “The Original Blues Album” (EMI)

3 "Evil Ways" (3:51) by Pete And Louie from “El Barrio: Sounds From The Spanish Harlem Streets”

4 "Evil Hearted Woman" (2:37) by T-Bone Walker from “The Original Blues Album” (EMI)

5 "Mulher Bonita" (1:56) by Claudionor Germano

6 "John The Revelator" (3:53) by Matuto from “Matuto”

7 "Macongo Me Chiquita" (3:51) by Ferreira Do Nascimento from “Angola Soundtrack - Special Sounds From Luanda 1965-1978”

8 "Volta" (3:51) by Xose Manuel Budiño from “Volta”

9 "Areloreak" (4:34) by Oreka TX from “Nömadak Tx”

10 "Dzuüd" (4:12) by Oreka TX from “Nömadak Tx”

11 "Lisbao" (4:35) by Kepa Junkera from “Basque Music sampler”

12 "El Aguadero" (4:16) by Chet Nuneta from “Pangea”

13 "Title Fight" (4:32) by Tom Martin Band from “Darkness & Beauty” (2006)

14 "Aurora" (7:19) by Jadid Ensemble from “Sigh Of The Moor”

15 "Weekend In Jail" (5:04) by Tom Martin Band from “Old Stones” (2001)

16 "Chacarera de las Piedras" (4:41) by Gerard Edery from “Edery Sings Yupanqui”

17 "Ayyrylymagyz" (4:43) by Gerard Edery from “Best Of Gerard Edery”

18 "Here On The Line (Stalker Dub)" (4:13) by Owiny Sigoma Band (Stalker Dub) from “Here On The Line (Remix Single)”

19 "Katougou" (4:18) by Traoré Seydou Richard Et Les Vadou Du Flamboyant from “Bambara Mystic Soul: The Raw Sound Of Burkina Faso 1974-1979”

20 "Mi Cumbia" (2:31) by Aníbal Velásquez Y Su Conjunto from “Mambo Loco”

21 "Killer in Tunisia" (3:28) by Elephant Man vs Sonera La Poncena

22 "Si Tú No Quieres" (3:50) by Yamira John (Panamá) from “Central American Music Box 2”

23 "Last Band Standing" (5:02) by 40 Thieves Orkestar from “Global Local Volume 4”

24 "Gas Gas" (3:15) by Wombo Orchestra from “World'n'Roll Sampler 2011” (Fenetour)

25 "You Love It" (2:40) by Ce Qui Marchent Debout from “World'n'Roll Sampler 2011” (Fenetour)

26 "The Storm" (5:59) by Klezmafour from “Rootz From Polska”

27 "NATO" (3:00) by Leni Kravac

28 "Papa Chajes" (3:16) by Amsterdam Klezmer Band from “Katla”