WorldBeatUK Playlist for 13th July 2011

 WBUK20 (13/7/11)

1. “Intro-Mat” by Matchatcha from the album “Nyekesse” (Melodie)

2. “Calypso” by Adam Rapa

3. “Olvidate De Mi” by The La Playa Orchestra from the album “Boogaloo Pow Wow”

4. “Autumn Leaves” by Ziroli Winterstein Ensemble from the album “Rough Guide to Gypsy Swing”

5. “Beautiful Music” by Sound Nomaden from the album “Beautiful Music”

6. “El Gusto De Las Mujeres” by Paíto (Sixto Silgado) from the album “Gaita Negra”

7. “Confesiones” by Fame

8. “Paremos Un Segundo” by Supa Bassie from the album “Crónicas de un Viaje”

9. “Is This Love” (Sam Redmore's Acoustic Takedown) by Bob Marley

10. “A Day In The Life / Milk & Honey” by The Beatles / Prince Fatty (Sam Redmore Remix)

11. “El Manisero” by Skaguitar

12. “Someday My Luck Will Change” by Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown from the album “Froots 05”

13. “Luz Azul” by Kike Perrone

14. “Ain’t No Stairway High Enough to Hip Hop Heaven” by Marvin Gaye & Led Zeppelin & Gramatik Remashed (Fissunix remash)

15.  “Milakabilaka (Riddim)” by Fermin Muguruza from the album “Asthmatic Lion Sound System Remixes”

16. “Musette À Teresa” by Luke Daniels from the album “Froots 03”

17.  “Mano A Mano” by Julio Sosa from the album “30 Aniversario 1964-1994”

18. “Quiero Que Estes Conmigo” by Lucia de la Cruz

19. “Oye El Consejo” by Ibrahim Ferrer from the album “Buenos Hermanos”

20.  “Tommy Peoples/ The Windmill/ Fintan McManus’s” by Altan from the album “Froots 03”

21. “Donald Where's Your Troosers?” by Andy B. Stewart

22. “Dönme Bana Sevgilim” by FestiByn from the album “FestiByn”

23. “Thandaza” (South Africa) by The Soul Brothers from the album “Africa”

24. “Zoum” by Malavoi & Jean Philippe Marthely

25. "Yo Me Voy Pa' La Cumbia" - by Sargento Garcia

26. "Cachaito en Laboratorio" by Cachaito from the album "Cachaito" (World Circuit)