WorldBeatUK Playlist for 14th September 2011

 World Beat UK26 (14/9/11) - PLAYLIST

1 “Intro-Mat” by Matchatcha from the album “Nyekesse” (Melodie)

2 “Way Back Fifties” by Drive

3 “Samakebalu” by Dawda Jobarteh from the album “Northern Light, Gambian Night”

4 “Poye” by Issa Bagayogo from the album “Mali Koura”

5 “Hát Chau Van” by Doan Ca Hue. A'i Hoa from the album “Music from Vietnam 4” (Caprice Records)

6 “Rajasthani Reggae” by Dhoad Gypsies Of Rajasthan from the album “Roots Travellers”

7 “Animal Magic (remix)” by Professor Elemental from the album “More Tea”

8 “Hino do Elefante de Elefante” by Ska Maria Pastora

9 “I’ve Gotta Go Home Without You” by Matty Blades

10 “Timbril” by Babilak Bah from the album “Enxadário”

11 “Sambalança, Mas Não Cai” by Tabacarana from the album “Tabacarana”


Live Interview by Glyn Phillips with FLAVIA BITTENCOURT & live set in Rhubarb Radio's Birmingham station.

The first song was "Ex Amor"

The second song was "Lamento Sertanejo"

The third song was "De Volta Pro Aconchego"


12 “Quero Essa Mulher Assim No Good” (DJ LK Mashup) by Amy Winehouse vs Monsueto from the album “Amy in Brasil”

13 “Bluebird” by Odjbox

14 “Don’t Drive Drunk” by Dirty Dozen Brass Band from the album “Jazz Moods - Hot”

15 “Balkanski Bal (remix)” by DJ Click / La Caravanne Passe

16 “Triple Son” (Balkan Hotsteppers) by Amsterdam Klezmer Band vs. Beastie Boys

17 “Ba-Ba-Boom Sound” by Barriobeat

18. "Margarita" by Toto La Momposina

(Apologies for ALL the technical studio problems on the show - which were beyond Glyn's control).