WorldBeatUK - PLAYLIST FOR 15th June 2011

 WBUK16 (15/6/11) - PLAYLIST

1 “Intro-Mat” by Matchatcha from album “Nyekesse” (Melodie)

2 “Raigmore / Long Run/ The Clansmen Mourning” by the Battlefield Band from album “Line Up” (Temple Records)

3 “Truman” by Rachel Harrington from the album “City of Refuge” (Skinny Dennis Records)

4 “House of Cards” by Rachel Harrington “Celilo Falls” (Skinny Dennis Records)

5 “Home” by Tanja Tzarovska from the album “No Record of Wrong” (Amaris River TT1001)

6 “Rekoh Ti, Tsone” by the Perunika Trio from the album “Introducing… Perunika Trio” (World Music Network)

7 “Piji” by Nisos from the album “Nisos”

8 “Istambul (Not Constantinople) by Ska Cubano (Max Pashm remix) from the album “Ajiaco! the Remix Album” (Casinosounds)

9 “Maputos” by Quiné from the album “Da Côr Da Madeira” (Quiné - 2008)

10 “Ceraina” by Kerieva from the album “Stand Aside” (Rala Records CD001; June 2010) (Gypsy/Romany/Irish/manouche)

11 “Gurugenya” by the Krar Collective from the album

12 Habasha Diaspora (Addis Piano Mix) by Samuel Yirga from the album “The Habasha Sessions”

13 “Jazz” by Colgrain Whyte

14 “Suki Bajendo” by Eze Rockliffe

15 “No Love” by Tennicia

16 “Tamagbondirsu” by Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars from the album “Rise and Shine” (Cumbancha)

17 “Djamaa” by Brassafrik from the album “Brassafrik” (A-Shams)

18 “Butunneh Banda” by Saa Andrew from the album (Butunneh Banda) - (Sierra Leone)

19 “Niente Minkia Cacata!” (ft Rude Hi Fi & Don Ska) by Barriobeat

20 “Santo Precario” (Balkan Cumbia remix) by Barriokatz/Fat Kat Disco (Barriobeat)

21 “Artichaut (Chinese Man”) mixer Pirillo edit by The Sweet Life Society