WorldBeatUK Playlist for 18th May 2011

WBUK12 (18/5/11) - Playlist

1 “Intro-Mat” by Matchatcha from album ‘Nyekesse’ (Melodie)
2 “La Makinita” by Juanafé from album ‘La Makinita’ (Oveja Negra; 2010)
3 “La Mara Tomaza” by El Hijo de la Cumbia from album ‘Freestyle de Ritmos’
4 “Mano A Mano” by Julio Sosa from album ’30 Aniversario 1964-1994’
5 “Chacarera Del Puestero” by Los Puesteros
6 “Life” by Moneyman And The Super 5 International from album ‘Nigeria 70: Sweet Times’ (Strut Records)
7 “Waide Nayde” by JuJu (Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara) from album ‘In Trance’ (Real World)
8 “Liéu Duong Hoang Thiên Khúc” by Kim Sinh from album ‘Music from Vietnam 4’ (Caprice Records)
9 “Tule Meilla Vaan” - Come On Over by Paratiisin Pojat from album ‘Paratiisin Pojat’ (Poko Records; 2008)
10 “Sema” by Tlahoun Gèssèssè from album ‘Ethiopiques 3,
Golden Years Of Modern Ethiopian Music 1969-75’ (BudaMusique)
11 “Sin La Luna” by Monosonicos
12 “Taxi Driver” by Bobby Benson & his Combo from album ‘Highlife Times Vol 2’ (Vampisoul 129)
13 “Ogiobo” by Sir Victor Uwaifo & his Titibitis of Africa from album Highlife Times Vol 2 (Vampisoul 129)
14 “Boolow Gambia” by Mdungu from album Afro What? (Zimbraz/Music & Words MW3035)
15 “S’ Mediterana” by Lena Kovacevic from album ‘Dobar Dan Za Pevanje’
16 “Haidukka” by Svang from album “Sväng” (Aito Records AICD005; 2004)
17 “Mama’s Hand” by Ieye from album ‘Fever Grass’ (Shenghen Clan)
18 “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” by Easy Star All-Stars Feat. Frankie Paul
from album ‘Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band’ (Easy Star Records 1018)
19 “Barfly” by Almeida Girl & Descarga from album ‘Llanita’ (KAMOCD1)
20 “Guajiro” by Sexto Sentido from album ‘The Way’
21 “Año Viejo” by Tony Camargo (bootlegumachin refix)
22 “Oye El Consejo” by Ibrahim Ferrer from album ‘Buenos Hermanos’ (World Circuit WCD065; 2003)