Notes for 4th WorldBeatUK radio show (21/03/11)
Presented by Glyn Phillips.

Playlist for Monday 21st March 2011

1 JINGLE 1 by Glyn Phillips ("Intro-Mat" by Matchatcha)

2 "Built For Comfort" by Howlin' Wolf ("The London Howlin' Wolf Sessions") on Chess/MCA.

3 "Deep Henderson" (Take 2) by Ken Ingram's Classic Jazz Kings KICJK Vol 6.

4 "This Train" by Sister Rosetta Tharpe ("The Original Soul Sister: This Train" ).

5 "In The Upper Room" by Mahalia Jackson (on "the Gold Collection").

6 "St Louis Blues" by Kid Ory (on Vogue epg1006).

7 "Solidão (Canção do Mar)" by Amalia Rodrigues (on Amalia the Beautiful), Fado.

8 "It’s All Over Now" by the Dirty Dozen Brass Band (& Dr John) (on "Jazz Moods - Hot" , Columbia/Legacy (2005).

9 "Les Yeux Noirs" by Waso (Gipsy Swing Vol 5 Munich Records (1983)), Gypsy Jazz.

10 "Flambée Montalbanaise" 3:38 Koen de Cauter & Friends - Django! (De Werf) (2004) Waltz

11 "Letscho Kurko" by Romani (MAP Records).

12 "Serenade" by Lavotta ("Le Chemin des Tsiganes").

13 "Fue en Sevilla" by Salmarina ("Sevillanas de Carlos Saura" on Polydor)

14 "Meu Fado Meu" by Mariza - "Transparentes" on EMI/World Connection (2005) Fado

15 "Song For My Father" by Big Chief - "Live at the Bull" (Teepee Records CD003 [2005]).

16 JINGLE 2 1:01 Glyn Phillips ("Intro-Mat" by Matchatcha).

17 "Emoções" by Jose Da Camara ("Emoções", Sony (2010), Portuguese.

18 "Lead Me On " by  Polly And The Billets Doux - 'Fiction, Half-Truths and Downright Lies' 

19 "Caught Me At A Bad Time" by The Rosellys ("One Way St" (2008) Americana.

21 "Interlude (Callin Gramma)"  by Ortegon.

22 "Muchacha" by Ortegon.

23 "Fiesta de Negritos" by Lucho Bermudez - "Cartagena!" (Soundways)

24 "Heaven" by Ebo Taylor - "Life Stories"  Strut [2011] Ghanaian Afrobeat (Highlife & Afrobeat Classics 1973-80)

25 "Kool Runnings" by Gabbidon - "Reggae Rockz", (RunCum Records RMCD525) Reggae

26 "What's The Matter With The world" by C-Sharp - "The Invitation" (C-Sharp Records 2011) Reggae

(VERSION 1, 8-15pm monday)