WorldBeatUK - Playlist for 22nd June 2011

WBUK17 (22/6/11) - PLAYLIST

1. “Intro-Mat” by Matchatcha from album “Nyekesse” (Melodie)

2. “Calan” by Calan from the album “Bling” (Sain)

3. “Slowburner” by Tom Martin from the album “Prime Time” (Tom Martin Music)

4. “Diagne” by Cheka Katenen Dioubate from the album “Dielilou” (Tamala KCD29081)

5. “Bamana Folie” by Aly Keita (ft Keletegui Diabate) from the album “Farafinka” (Contre Jour CJ026)

6. “Arantane N Tinariwen” by Tamikrest from the album “Toumastin” (Glitterhouse Records GRCD 721)

7. “Dirigeants Africains” by SMOD from their album “SMOD” (Because Music)

8. “King of the Bongo” by Manu Chao (Sonora Remix)

9. “Xamsa Bopp” by Super Cayor de Dakar from the album “African Salsa” (Earthworks)

10. “Nur Lain (Habibi) by Hakim from the album “Como Suena” (Sony Epic)

11. “Majnoun Leyla” by Ghazi Abdel Baki from the album “The Last Communiqué” (Forward)

12. “Basma” by Charbel Rouhana from the album “Doux Zen” (Forward)

13. “Sharqi” by Fareeq Al Atrash from the album “Fareeq Al Atrash” (Forward)

14. “En Los Cocales” by Awatiñas from the album “El Inka Atahuayllpa”

15. “Fete Worse Than Death” by Professor Elemental from the album “More Tea?”

16. Kriss Romani by Swing Gadje from album “Rough Guide to Gypsy Swing” (Rough Guide)

17. “Duj Sandala” by Antwerp Gypsy Ska Orchestra

18. Disco Katala by Ot Azoy Klezmer Band

19. “Fanfarri Cumbia” by La Tirana Caravana (Add on de Bass remix)

20. Ghost Town by Fantasma from the album “Cabeza! 006”

21. “Backstage” by Canteca de Macao from the album “Camino de la Vida Entera” (Warner Music Spain)

22. “I Got A Woman” by Ray Charles (Matty Blades remix)

23. “La Mujer Latina” by Latin Fever from the album “Salsa Selecta: a taste of Nu-Yorican Latin Flavours” (Nascente)