WorldBeatUK - PLAYLIST FOR 25th May 2011

 WorldBeatUK (25/5/11) PLAYLIST

1 “Intro-Mat” by Matchatcha’ from album ‘Nyekesse’ (Melodie)

2 “Muntie” by The Ramblers International from album ‘Highlife Times Vol 2’ (Vampisoul)

3 “Henrietta” by Ali Chunkwumah & His Peace Makers International from album ‘Nigeria 70: Sweet Times’ (Strut Records)

4 “Afro What!?” by Mdungu from album ‘Afro What!?’ (Zimbraz)

5 “Los Luchadores Jump” by Los Flamers feat. House of Pain (Le Cumbianche Disco Remix)

6 “Sombrero” by Chico Trujillo from album ‘Chico de Oro’

7 “Proezas de Solon” by La Big Landin Orquesta from album ‘Skaterriza’

8 “La Culebra” by Palmeras Kaníbales from album ‘La Ruta’

9 “Best Worst Day” by Hamilton Loomis Band from album ‘Live In England’ (Ham-Bone Records)
10 “Opa Cupa” by Söndörgõ from album ‘Lost Music Of The Balkans’ (World Village UK)

11 “Shine Your Light” by Lena Kovacevic from album’ Haunt Me’

12 “Versión Editada” by Joanne Vance from album ’Silencios Incómodos’

13 “En Tu Cuerpo” by Sexto Sentido from album ‘The Way’

14 “Emase Puro O” by Melody Aces from album ‘Stars of West Africa - Highlife Hits’

15 “Thando Lwami” by Olufemi from album ‘Just in Newtown’

16 “Agitation” by Kazem Davoudian from album ‘Pearl’

17 “Blue of Dream” by Farivar Koshravi from album’ Abi-e Ro’ya’

18 “Mr J.P.S.” by Hijaz from album ‘Chemsi’ (Zephyrus)

19 “Ya Habibi Taala” by Va Fan Fahre from album ‘Al Wa’ Debt’

20 “La Kumbia de Los Peregrinos” by Grupo Kual (Le Cumbianche Disco Remake)

21 Reggae City Festival - Ad Jingle

22 “I Know” by Ieye from album ‘Fever Grass’

23 “Dobry Gooral” by Psio Crew from album ‘Gypsy Sound System - Iskra’

24 “Skaliente” by Yeska from album ‘Skafrocubanjazz’