WorldBeatUK - PLAYLIST for 27th April 2011

WBUK9 (27/4/11)

START: 7pm

1. "Intro-Mat", by Matchatcha Aimer La Danse Nyekesse [Melodie]

2. "El Baile Del Diablo", by Sergent Garcia, album called Una Y Otra Vez [Cumbancha]

3. "Evolution", by Show Of Hands. album called Arrogance, Ignorance and Greed [HMCD29]

4. "Camiño Longo", by Susana Seivane album called Cantigas Do Camiño [Do Foi Musica/Boa]

5. "Tirán", by Anxo Lorenzo album called Tirán [Zouma]

6. "Todos Mortales", by Ojos De Brujo album called Corriente Vital 10 Años [Warner Music Spain]

7. "Perro Cruzado", by Gnawledge, album called Granada Doaba [Gnawledge]

8. "A Bala", by Banda Camarão de Rama.

9. "Hot Water Festival Part 4", by Gypsy Groovz Orchestra, album called Night Train for Thieves and Lovers [Network]

10. "Margaret Okudo (dub)", by Owiny Sigoma Band, album called Owiny Sigoma Band [Brownswood]

11. "Tidit", by Tamikrest, album called Toumastin [Glitterhouse Records]

12. "Wey Fikir", by Dub Colossus, album called Addis Through The Looking Glass [Real World Records]

13. "Ethio", by Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra, album called World Of Funk [Ubiquity]

14. "Afrodesia", by The Afro Soul-Tet, album called Afrodesia [Ubiquity]

15. "Dar y Recibir", by Quique Neira, album called Jah Rock [GLM]

16. "Dancin Like Crazy", by C-Sharp.
17. "Calypso Cha Cha", by Count Lasha & His Calypsonians, album called Soundman Shots: The Caribou & Downbeat 78's Story [Snapper Records]

18. "Jet Biguine", by Les Loups Noirs D'Haiti, album called Tumbele [Soundways]

19. "What Is Life?", by Ebo Taylor & Uhuru-Yenzu, album called Life Stories - Highlife & Afrobeat Classics 1973-1980 [Strut]

20. "Thlipsi (Remix)", by Meri Lida/Imam Baildi, album called The Imam Baildi Cookbook [EMI Greece]

21. "Donde", by Bongomatik, album called Bongomatik [No Can Do / Distribution]

22. "Mango Bajito", by To'Mezclao, album called Híbrid [Tumi Music]

23. "Indestructible", Ray Barretto, album called 'Fania Records 1964-1980: The Original Latin Sound of New York' [Strut]

24. "Love Is Blue", by Sonny Bradshaw Seven, album called Trojan Sixties Box Set 1 [Trojan Records]


BUT Glyn kept playing freestyle following public demand until about 9.40ish with the following tracks: 

25. "Uptown Top Ranking" by Dub Colossus from the 'Addis Through The Looking Glass' album [Real World Records]

26. "Sangre Mandinga" by Mali Latino from the album 'Mali Latino' [Alex Wilson Records]

27. "Bongobanana Blues" by Bongomatik from the album 'Bongomatik' [No Can Do Records]

28. "El Preso" by Rhythms of the City

29."Cumbia do Passarinho"

30. "Hoy Tenemos" by Sidestepper from the album 'More Grip'


A). for some FREE downloads of their album "Granada Doaba".

B). For more info on Magpie Brown's Brazil-Birmingham event  see