WorldBeatUk Playlist for 29th June 2011

 WBUK18 (29/6/11) - PLAYLIST

1. “Intro-Mat” by Matchatcha from the album “Nyekesse” (Melodie)

2. “Schindig” by Mabon from the album “Live at the Grand Pavilion” (Easy On The Records 2010)

3. “Diddan” by Fernhil from the album “Canu Rhydd” (Disgyfrith 2011)

4. “Uttoxeter Souling Song” by Coope, Boyes & Simpson from the album “Rough Guide To English Folk” (World Music Network)

5. “Adieu to Old England” by Ian King from the album “Rough Guide To English Folk (World Music Network)

6. “The Quest for the Golden Frog” (Tom Caruana remix) by Professor Elemental from the album “More Tea (Remixes)

7. “O Cuco a Cantar” by Uxia (with Fred Martins) from the album “Meu Canto” (do Fol Musica/Boa España)

8. “Comadi” by Céu from album “RG to Brazilian Café” (World Music Network)

9. “Mande Arabe” by Seckou Keita Quintet from the album “The Silimbo Passage” (World Artventures)

10. “Going Song” by Rory McLeod from the album “Travellin Home” (Cooking Vinyl)

11. “Roucky” by Ali Farka Touré from the album “The Source” (World Circuit WCD030; 1992)

12. “The Thrill is Gone” by B.B.King from the album “The Best Of Blues”

13. Sabu Yerkoy by Ali Farka Touré & Toumani Diabaté from the album “Ali & Toumani” (World Circuit WCD 083; 2009)

14. “The Secret “ by Vieux Farka Touré from the album “The Secret” (6 Degrees Records)

15. “Time to Go” by Alexandra Legouix & the Sunflowers from the EP “Lola”

16. “Manea K” by Max Pashm from the album “Never Mind the Balkans, Here’s Max Pashm” (Elektricos/Organikos)

17. “Gettin Down” by The Brand New Rhythm from the album “Let’s Boogaloo Vol 3” Record Kicks)

18. “Rude Love” by Althea & Donna vs Rihanna (Outsider 8301 remix)

19. “Tumbao a Peruchin” by Alfredo Rodriguez from the album “Cuba Linda” (Hannibal / Rykodisc 1996)