WorldBeatUK - PLAYLIST FOR 8th June 2011

 WBUK15 (8/6/11) PLAYLIST

1 “Intro-Mat” by Matchatcha from album “Nyekesse” (Melodie)

2 “Jombajo” by JuJu (Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara) from album “In Trance” (Real World Records)

3 “Amurin Tiikeri” by Frigg from album “Grannen” (Frigg00007)

4 “Kilonding” by Kadialy Kouyate  from BravoBravo’s album “Small Talk”

5 “Arrahb Alahmar Essaouiria” by Maallem Mokhtar Gania from album Gnawa “Sufi Trance - Music Of Morocco”  (Standard Records)

6 “Khoumeissa” by Super Khoumeissa from album “Split Series #21” (FatCat Records)

7 “O Maroot” by DOA from album “A Fronda Dos Cervos” (Fol Musica)

8 “Sexta” by Bonovo from album “Bonovo” (Fol Musica)

9 “Acadien Two Step” by Balfa Brothers from album “World of Music Sampler” (Nascente)

10 “Beija-Flor” by Timbalada from album “Brazil: The Essential Album (Disc 2)” (Manteca)

11 “Engasga Gato/Casa Barata” by Juçara Marçal e Kiko Dinucci from album “Padê” 

12 “La Bruja” by Luna Itzel from album “Frida (Vol 2) - El Venadito” (2008 - Tratore)

13 “De Thelo Pia Na Xanarthis” by Imam Baildi from album “Imam Baildi” (2007 Emi Greece and 2009 Kukin Music)

14 “Ki Allo Hasaposerviko” by Imam Baildi from album “The Imam Baildi Cookbook” (EMI Greece)

15 “Cumbiapunkreggae Party” by Goy Karamelo & Los Kangrejos from album “Remedio De Mi Corazon” (Cangrejo Records)

16 “Mariage/Ou C'est Lui” by Orchestre Poly Rythmo from album “Cotonou Club” (Strut Records)

17 “Egni Miton? Nin Mi Na Wa Gbin” by Orchestre Poly-Rythmo De Cotonou from album “The First Album” (Analog Africa)

18 “Boogie On” by Rob "Roy" Raindorf from album “Funky Rob Way”  (Analog Africa)

19 “Sakonsa” by Ikebe Shakedown from album “Ikebe Shakedown” (Ubiquity)

20 “Cójeme La Caña” by Pedro Laza Y Sus Pelayeros (Mixticius remix)

21 “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough” by Mixticius

22 “Sute Monebo” by Ketama, Toumani Diabate & José Soto from album “Songhai 2” (Hannibal Records)