Editor interviewed on TV

Glyn Phillips, Editor of was interviewed recently for a programme about Cuban musicians involved in fusion projects. The programme went out as part of a series called “The Playlist” by Moonbeam Productions for Al Jazeera English (Al Jazeera’s international channel) and was aired this week on Sky and Al Jazeera, with excerpts loaded onto YouTube.
The featured musicians (and other interviewees) were Cuban band Asere and their work with Panamanian-born, North American drum legend Billy Cobham, and also Alex Cuba, a Cuban guitarist working in Canada. The clip below contains some of the interviews and snippets of the music.
Past artists featured on The Playlist include: Balkan Beat Box, Warsaw Village Band, Toumani Diabate, Terrafolk, Magnifico, Outlandish, Speed Caravan, Akli D, Juldeh Camara, Akim el-Sekameya, Justin Adams and Calexico.