Zero dB - Bongos, Bleeps & Basslines

[Ninjatune 2006]

Moving on in spirit and body from Fluid Ounce, Zero dB join forces with Ninja Tune and with a little help on the mental ‘Coisa de Gringo’ and ‘A Pomba Girou’ Heidi Vogal; to bring forth a major statement on the nu-jazz and broken beat platform that is the year 2006.

We like this. It does what it was meant to do – blow you! Broken madness, samba rhythms and the all important jazz ….. bring it and bring it loud. Beat heads and Chelsea Taxis alike will die for ‘Know What I’m Sayin’ , then you have ‘A Pomba Girou’ which has been tried and tested on every notable dance-floor the world over and ‘Conga Madness’ sticks its arse out to the dons-of-the-broken beat-scene and messes up their supremacy. Step aside for the bongo, bleep and bassline haecceity will destroy.

‘Tw Quiero’ provides the favela treatment, showing Zero dB’s multi-talented capabilities through a powerful album which should adorn every worldwide music collection. The best thing since vinification.

Steve Williams is Editor of online jazz magazine UKVibe (