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 Lepistö&Lehti is a fresh Helsinki-based duo of talented and sought-after instrumentalists Pekka Lehti (double bass) and Markku Lepistö (accordion).

The duo operates at the forefront of contemporary acoustic music with a distinct Nordic folk/jazz influence and a strong sense of musical dialogue.

The Lepistö&Lehti sound is characterised by the players’ remarkable confidence and vision, which gives the music distinctively personal edge.

"They might sound like a pair of Helsinki-based lawyers, but Lepistö&Lehti's profession is a far more noble, less slippery endeavour. Formerly members of Värttinä, that full-velocity, high-drama band of Finnish folkies, Markku Lepistö and Pekka Lehti have slimmed things right down. Indeed, at first glance, the notion of a vocal-less duo restricted to just accordion and upright bass might put the shivers up the less adventurous listener. But L&L's music isn't remotely stuffy" (Biography written by Nige Tassell 2010; Womad.org)

Publicity Photos by Nauska.

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